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So once at this con, I was chatting with this one girl and after a while she asked me, “have you seen full metal alchemist?” And I was like yeah I do and asked “which part are you on?” And she replied “the scene where Nina and her dad gets introduced to the show, I really like Nina she’s so cute, and the dog!” And I was speechless and I had no idea what to say to prepare this girl’s emotions to what would happen to them after, it was horrible experience

This post is just a little something I put together to help you guys with Photoshop. This contains tutorials to help people just beginning with Photoshop, however if you don’t know the tutorials above then this should help you too. If you learn anything from this than my work paid off! If you want more of these make sure to follow me, as I’m going to post more to ensure 2014 is a quality Photoshop year! -  Samuel.

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